3/4 Massaging insoles
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3/4 Massaging insoles




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  1. Contoured Design for Maximum Comfort 
  2. Engineered for Maximum Shock Absorption 
  3. Massaging Gel Insoles have the proprietary Massaging Wave System. 
  4. This technologically advanced design allows grooves in the gel to act like tiny springs, absorbing the stress of impact on the high pressure points in the heel and the ball of foot. 
  5. The gel first collapses to absorb shock, then springs back, providing energy return with each step. 
  6. Massaging Gel Insoles have up to 75% more cushioning energy than regular gel insoles. 
  7. Description : 
  8. The soft top cloth absorbs moisture to keep feet dry and reduce odour.  
  9. Very soft and comfortable and Shock-absorbent
  10. Reduces muscular aches and pains  
  11. They provide fairly firm support to reduce mid-foot pain and injury 
  12. They prevent painful rubbing on the balls of your feet and the non-slip design gives a secure grip.  
  13. They provide an excellent stability and cushioning effect. 
  14. Help prevent the burning pain in the balls of your feet. 
  15. Designed to Reduce stress on knees and lower back when walking or standing for an extended period of time. 
  16. Medical grade gel polymer. 
  17. Antimicrobial top cloth helps prevent blisters, controls odour and reduces friction. 
  18. Anti-fungus, anti-bacterial and washable. 
  19. Material : Dual TPE Gel+ Velour 
  20. Information provided from manufacture website

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