One Size fits All Gel Insoles Amazing For Ladies Shoes high heels, trainers

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Ladies Gel Insole (one pair) – for party feet, high heels, trainers etc.

Transparent Gel Insoles:

Designed especially for summer shoes, so they are invisible but equally comfortable. SELF- ADHESIVE




  1. Gel insoles are designed to make your high heel shoes much comfier.
  2. Just peel off the protective film and stick it in your shoes.
  3. They provide fairly firm support to reduce mid-foot pain and injury by the additional arch support.
  4. They prevent painful rubbing on the balls of your feet and the non-slip design gives a secure grip.
  5. They provide an excellent stability and cushioning effect.
  6. Help prevent the burning pain in the balls of your feet.
  7. Ideal for all high-heel shoes and sandals.
  8. Full length design to fit most lady shoe sizes.


Polyurethane (PU) gel


**********************************DIRECTION FOR USE****************************************

Peel off transparent backing and insert into shoes. Or:

Experience provesĀ it’s easier to place the insole in the shoe first then gradually peel off the backing.


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