ribbed ball of foot cushion
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ribbed ball of foot cushion




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Adhesive gel pads easy to remove and reapply cushion pads for shoes offer relief from pain & help soothe metatarsalgia & mortons neuroma.

Foot pads for ball of feet fit any type of shoe including heels very durable & long lasting. 

With these ball of foot pads the gel will not wear out Sturdy ball of foot pads will not move twist, or fold up.

Unlike foam will NOT absorb bacteria or odor and prevent feet from sliding, these gel pads for shoes are clear & not visible in open toe shoes 

Neuroma pads thick enough to provide comfort & relief without taking up too much space in your shoe & slim enough to not be visible our insert pads can be used as blister pads for shoes and cushion pads for feet allowing you to last for hours in your heels with no pain 

Maintain your style without pain with ball of foot pads that provide silicone padding. 

Foot pads for shoes make uncomfortable shoes comfortable & wearable our ball of foot pads are soft and cushioning like walking on marshmallows