Self Heating Magnetic Single Shoulder Wrap for pain
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Self Heating Magnetic Single Shoulder Wrap for pain


  • This support is suitable for injury, sprain, twist, caused by sports or weight, or arthritis caused by Working.
  • Tourmaline magnetic shoulder brace is made of comfortable neoprene material that can keep warm and gives support to your shoulder area
  • Suitable for men and women (Can be used on either left or right Shoulder).
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Relax muscles and stop/prevent spasm


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Relieve pain Improve microcirculation, Reduce inflammation and swelling, Improve blood, Circulation and metabolism , Promote regeneration and wound healing, Relax muscles and stop/prevent spasm, Promote the metabolism, regulation of the nervous system, Provide complete saturation of the affected area. Provide comfort and support at any level of activity


  1. Not to be used by Pregnant women or Children
  2. Do not use if you have a high fever or damaged skin.
  3. Not recommended for people with skin allergies such as eczema or skin temperature sensory disturbance, or any form of tissue problems.
  4. Not to be used by patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease, that can enhance or change the effect of the product heating.
  5. Prohibited use! for people who are fitted with a heart pacemaker or any other electronic devices inside body.
  6. This item is self heating, and overheating may occur.